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The 2008 election and this web page are under way. My presumption is that the Obama factor is a media induced fallacy.

My Hillary Clinton Performance Scoring:

charcter Character: Unclear. Appears calculated, methodical and systemic.

competency Competency: Competent. Possibly dangerously competent.

contribution Contribution. Yet to be determined.

Hillary Clinton Accomplishments

  • Work in progress
  • Coined the term "vast right wing conspiracy" when those darn republicans suggested her husband was having an affair (referred to as "sexual relations" by husband Bill Clinton) with a White House intern.

Hillary Clinton Positions

  • Abortion. Pro-choice
  • Economy. Claims pro-growth, however, actions don't support claims.
  • Education. Endorsed by the teachers union (the kiss of death for America's children).
  • Environment. Supports funding of alternative energy sources and carbon dioxide emissions programs. Opposes oil drilling off the Florida coast.
  • Health care. Supports government-run, socialized universal health care system.
  • Immigration. Supports amnesty for illegal aliens; Opposes securing our border with Mexico.
  • Religion. Supports the godless liberals in their attempt to remove all public displays of religious significance from society.
  • Second amendment. Supports the right to bear arms. While she would personally like to implement greater gun control measures, she is too weak to take on the NRA.

Hillary Clinton Public Service History

New York Senator

First lady

White water millionaire

boca raton

Posted: March 10, 2007
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Hillary Clinton
Next President Hillary Clinton

New York Senator
First Lady
White Water Millionaire

Mad Hillary
Hillary Thinking About Obama


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