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Our public interests are better served when citizens hold their elected officials accountable for campaign promises and community advancements. Similarly, politicians are better informed, more empowered and more closely aligned to their constituent's interests when the citizens recognize their efforts, reward their achievements, question their inactions and demand progress.

MyFloridaRepresentatives.com offers recognition, accountability and public comment for the elected officials that serve my district. I'm a resident of the city of Boca Raton, county of Palm Beach and state of Florida. In the interest of full disclosure, I'm conservative but not party affiliated. I take pride in keeping an open mind, remaining flexible in my decision making and find much more interest and value when speaking with people whom I disagree.

Much of the content of this web site speaks to a few of the fundamental tenants which I believe can advance my districts.

  • Transparency, objective measurement and accountability are prerequisites toward progress and long term advancement.

  • Career politicians are not good for America; Term limits are a good thing for consistent momentum and long-term progress.

  • Special interest groups are owed representation, however, their money should not magnify their agendas over the interests of less organized and less funded citizens. Campaign finance reform is a necessary method to balance political representation.

Today's career politicians benefit and owe their livelihoods to special interests, funding and name recognition. The money-power chain link is not good for America and is breakable with enough citizen support. Special interest groups are the most prominent providers of political funding which results in the politician's dual benefits of funding and name recognition. In fact, for a variety of surmountable reasons, politicians who achieve name recognition - and nothing more - transcend many voter psyche and prosper from continuous reelection.

An objective of this web site is to bring recognition along with either reward or penalty for political performance. Visibility along with an expectation of forecasted, measured and sustained results from our elected representatives will advance America more than any other single factor. Hopefully, being a part of a grass roots movement, which leverages the Internet, social networks, community participation and user generated content, will result in a new day whereby incumbent politicians with name recognition alone will be replaced by more capable civil servants who prefer to be known by their accomplishments and advances of the peoples' interest. I hope you'll join in my quest for political accountability and greater progress by our elected officials.

boca raton

Representative Tom Davis

  Special Thanks to Congressman Tom Davis

Representative Tom Davis (R-VA) doesn't actually serve my district, however, as an advocate of improved information technology by the federal government, his interests are clearly aligned to my position as an information technology executive. I've personally witnessed the federal government's lack of focus, achievements and informed spending in this area. I've also witnessed Tom Davis' advancements in each of these areas and as a taxpayer and technology professional, I acknowledge, appreciate and commend his efforts. Representative Davis is now stepping down from political office. More ...

boca raton

Representative Tom Davis

  My Congressman is a Hypocrite

After running a campaign on family values and demonizing his opponent (Mark Foley) for unethical sexual acts while holding public office, U.S. Representative Tim Mahoney has admitted to having "multiple" affairs, some of which were occurring while he was attacking his political opponent for the same behavior, and paying more than $141,000 hush money to keep the most recent affair with campaign staffer Patricia Allen quiet. Hey Mahoney - you idiot - ever heard that old adage about people who live in glass houses? I'm less concerned about Mahoney's personal activities and more concerned about the trend of holier-than-though self promotion which is nothing short of complete bigotry and outright lies to constituents. More ...


Representative Tom Davis

  America's Top Corrupt Politicians Of All Time

Political corruption shares no political party affiliation, geography, race or lifestyle. It often does however share an insatiable need for power and personal wealth. It may or may not be a coincidence that those politicians convicted on the grandest scale often viewed themselves as self proclaimed heroes of their constituents and above scrutiny. Perhaps their is no truer adage than 'power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.' More ...


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